Some (Non-Snowy) Favourites

Here are a few favourites from some of my stored photos.

Near Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The vast Pacific beckons.
A northern Alberta sunrise in December. I like the reflection in the hood of the truck.
A southern Alberta canola field in July. Such an amazing skyscape.
Dominican Republic orchids. So rich and lush.
Lake Okanagan at sunset. This is home.

I will be travelling west for the next couple of days. Happy Friday.

24 thoughts on “Some (Non-Snowy) Favourites”

        1. Yes, that is good news! I’m retiring in 10 months and we are planning a coastal trip for the following spring. We hope to visit Tofino again then.
          You have one gorgeous back yard, Wayne!

    1. That’s interesting. Both of those pictures are singles from photo series. The second one is of an ice- foggy sunrise and the last one is of a sunset on the lake near our home in Penticton. Cheers.

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