24 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season”

    1. Right? We have had the greatest Northern Lights over the last couple of days, too. Stunningly beautiful. The north’s best season is winter, and it’s also very, very beautiful, but respect for its ferocity is required.

      1. You’ve got that exactly right. Beautiful, but keep your wits about you or it could kill you. So cool that you’ve had great northern lights displays. I haven’t seen them in years but I remember how awe inspiring they can be.

        1. I’ve also realised that once this winter is over I probably won’t see the Northern Lights much again, if ever. I have enjoyed my time here though even if I haven’t enjoyed all that frigid weather!

      1. For sure. The snow storm wasn’t as bad as what the forecasting was initially predicting. The only issue is that it’s very dense and wet, which has made shovelling quite the challenge, especially after the snowplow came. It does look very pretty outside though.

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