17 thoughts on “Snow Removal”

    1. I prefer the rose as well, but I like having the plowing completed, too. Agreed; seeing plowing really makes me appreciate the rose! I understand you’re getting more snow and wind, Anneli. Stay warm and to all the little critters, too.

      1. Yes, a huge dump of wet snow expected later today. It has just stopped snowing for the moment but there’s more to come. But at least the wind has eased somewhat and it’s not as bitter cold. Two days of snow and I’m tired of winter!

        1. It has been snowing here all day and won’t stop until Monday. But it is the subarctic and totally to be expected. For you, not so much. I hope it warms up soon and melts away.

    1. It’s snowing right now and won’t stop until Monday. Yay. It’s also -24C (-11F) so I’m wearing the parka, the lined pants, the big mitts, the whole bit. 🥶 I’m so glad this is my last subarctic winter; honestly, I’ll be happy to return to cold and blustery.

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