It’s Snowpile Time

This large snowpile was created after our parking lot was ploughed. There was a lot of snow there!

I like the contrast between the white snow and the dark night; the snowpile’s fun potential is temporarily suspended, awaiting the sun.

The neighbourhood children will have a lot of fun there on the weekend.

Happy Thursday.

8 thoughts on “It’s Snowpile Time”

  1. Will have to head out soon to shovel lasty night’s accumulation. Happiness is a snow free sidewalk and drive way. Cold is coming today. At least, its sunny.☀️ Stay warm Lynette. Allan

    1. So sorry to hear about the shovelling; I certainly know what that’s like! Agreed – keep the steps and driveway clear of snow. Our sidewalks have been done as part of the street clearing, so we don’t have to do that part at least. You stay warm, too. 🌞

  2. I have a friend who lives in Montreal. She told me that the city had to haul their snow pile out of town in dump trucks to get it far enough away from the St. Lawrence river to keep it from being polluted by the road salt. The mind boggles. This is you last winter in the GWN, right? If you don’t already have one, be sure to pick up a fond memory before you leave.

    1. Oh yes, I know about Montréal’s snow hauling. The city has epic snowfalls (more than we get here) and has to haul it out of town because they use salt (most communities in the west use sand, not salt) to provide road traction. There have been arguments about that issue in Montréal for decades!

      Yes, this is my last winter – less than a year to go before I vacate my office and hang up my CEO role. 😁 I have many fond memories but I don’t think that snow and cold temperatures will be among them!

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