18 thoughts on “Summer Roses …”

    1. Thank you very much, Don. The subarctic is one of extremes; we have almost total darkness with extreme cold in January and almost total daylight with extreme heat (because of the long sunlight hours) in June. I like your point that the middle expresses a more holistic view.

  1. Always nice to have a different view this time of year. On some winter days, it is almost a blessing the hours of sunlight are so short. Have a good week Lynette. Allan

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 I agree, Allan. It was hard to see where the lake met the sky as they are both the same colour. We are getting dumped on in a big way again.. Lots of shovelling going on. You have a good week, too.

    1. Yes – I saw monotone but I really wanted to see flowers. 🙂 Last year I went to a flower market in Yellowknife when it was -40C outside. I had the flowers inside my coat to get them home!

      1. It’s funny how some things trigger old memories. When you said that about tucking the flowers into your coat, I had a flashback to when we lived in Dawson Creek (childhood days) and had to walk a mile or more from town (in winter) after buying a new goldfish for our aquarium. In those days they’d put the fish in a plastic bag with water in it, and you had to hope the bag didn’t spring a leak or the water turn to ice before you got it home.

        1. Wow! I remember the goldfish in a bag as well! I didn’t have to worry about getting them home in a warm condition, though. I agree, it’s funny what will light up those memory engrams and bring them roaring back to life. I hope it was a pleasant (if chilly) memory for you.

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