13 thoughts on “Sleet Came for a Visit”

    1. There’s a thin coating over everything, including the snow. So slippery, even on foot. Now we’re expecting snow for the next three days, so there will be a lovely ice sheet underneath. Yay.

  1. Oh no! That makes it SO hard for deer and moose to browse. I hope it thaws soon. Snow is one thing but this ice coating on their food is very bad (pretty as it looks).

    1. Our weird weather has caused this. Normally we’re at about -20C by now; sleet and freezing rain are produced between about -2C to +2C. We’re a bit colder today but will be bouncing around that 4 degree difference for the next few days. It’s supposed to drop to -22 or so by Monday which will break up that ice layer and give our animal friends a chance to eat.

      1. That’s good. We used to call those sudden warm-ups a Chinook and just when we got happy about the warmer weather, the bitter cold came back stronger than ever. But if it knocks the ice off the twigs so the deer can browse, that’s good.

        1. I used to live in Medicine Hat where the Chinook winds are a significant feature of the weather. That city gets about 35 of them a year, and when they arrived to break up a week of -35C it was so great although they bring overcast with them.

          They are a result of winds pushed over the mountains which then warm up as they descend on the eastern side. The NWT is unfortunately too far north for this effect, so what we’re experiencing right now is just a very unusual period of warmer temperatures. This hasn’t been good for the bears who are all confused about when they should sleep.

    1. Thanks Linda. It’s not too bad today as there has been a lot of sanding and the temperature is supposed to fall to -22 on the weekend, so that will break it up. Yes, it looks beautiful but it’s so hard on the trees and infrastructure and the animals find it hard to eat. Really, a big snow storm would be better.

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