No Snow Today …

… time for some flowers from a July day in Penticton, and especially for our Ontario family and friends, who received a metre of snow (3.3 feet) over the weekend!

I often visit the Penticton rose garden when I am at home. The roses usually last quite late into the autumn, but this is a lovely walk at any time of year.
I’ve posted some of these photos before, but now is a good time to see them again!
Beautiful red roses.
The rose garden’s focus is, of course, roses, but there are many other beauties as well, including these dianthus.

Happy Tuesday.

25 thoughts on “No Snow Today …”

      1. Oh no! Well, good that it’s not Covid, but still…. Do you have NeilMed sinus rinse? It’s the answer! Use distilled water, 25 seconds in the microwave, a packet of NeilMed salt mix, and squirt it up your nostrils. You’ll feel better and get over your bug sooner. Those little critters don’t like to live in a salty environment.

          1. They have worked wonders for us here in our house. I haven’t been sick with a cold for years and years and years (I hope I haven’t put a hex on myself) – and I used to get sick every year when I was still teaching (and before I knew about NeilMed). I used salt too at first, but the packets are better.

          2. Thank you very much, Anneli. I will definitely be getting some! I haven’t had any kind of cold or flu since well before the pandemic, so this time I’m getting whacked with every symptom. Ice cream helps. 🙂 I agree; I hope you haven’t hexed yourself!

          3. Even if I did get sick, the NeilMed would make it easier to get through it. I hope you feel better soon. Good excuse to eat ice cream, or whatever makes you feel good.

  1. How nice to be transported back in time and remember all the beautiful colours and flowers from summer. The Penticton Rose Garden looks stunning. I can almost smell the sweetness from all those flowers.

    1. Agreed. We have freezing rain falling today and it’s just so overcast and miserable, so looking at bright summer flowers is great! The Rose Garden is very pretty. It’s about a 2km walk from our place along the lake. Cheers.

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 I checked with Google and it came back with phlox as the name. I didn’t think they were dianthus because they didn’t have much scent.
Thanks for your well wishes. 🙂

    1. I work in NWT (where winter is definitely established!) but my home is in Penticton. It’s usually very temperate through the winter but the rose garden doesn’t look like that now. I took those photos in July. Cheers.

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