20 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland”

    1. So far, we have had a week of about -18C but the rest has been -4 or 5 and even above 0. Not usual for this time of year at all. I wonder a lot about the smaller animals because they don’t have much body mass, but yesterday I saw the fattest squirrel ever! I got a good look at him through my zoom but he disappeared under some twigs before I got the shot. He definitely had put on the squirrel-size kilos for winter!

    1. Thanks, Allan. It has been unusually warm here as well. It’s -1C today and predicted to be only -2C or so all week. But that means snow and we’re supposed to get a lot of it over the next week. I’m enjoying the warmer weather but concerned about the implications. Many of the elders are quite worried.

    1. We get this type of snow either when it’s warmer (right now it’s-1C [34F]) and we get a good dose of fluffy snow, or when it’s -40C (-40F) and ice fog settles on everything. Right now, it’s warmer. By the way, I saw a very fat squirrel yesterday. He had definitely done his winter prep. I tried to get a photo but he disappeared too quickly into a thicket.

      1. Thankfully we didn’t get too much snow where we live, but some regions closer to the Great Lakes did. We had to drive through one of the regions that had a snowfall and snow squall warning over the weekend, which was a bit treacherous.

        1. Good on the shovelling front, but no fun trying to drive through these snowfalls. Yesterday we had sleet. It covered everything, including the snow, so now it has a crunchy coating!

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