19 thoughts on “Frozen Lake Sunset”

    1. Yes, I found those bands beautiful as well. It has been very overcast and snowing earlier in the day and had started clearing in the afternoon. By sunset, only those bands of cloud remained. It was such a gorgeous sight!

    1. I can give you the background. Great Slave Lake was given the colonial French name Grand lac des Esclaves. The French explorers called it after the Cree word for the people who lived on its shores: the Slavey (actually they are the Dene). The Cree (who guided the explorers) had for many years been enemies of the Dene and if captured, the Dene were often enslaved. This scornful Cree word stuck (colonialists didn’t care about much else except their greed). Eventually, the French name was translated into English and has now been used for about 120 years.

      This won’t remain its moniker for much longer, however. The NWT Legislature has been reasserting many original place names (as they should) and will likely change it back to Tetsǫ́t’ıné (large water). It’s the 10th largest lake in the world; really, it’s an inland freshwater sea. It has a huge impact on the local weather patterns. Cheers.

    1. Thank you very much, Linda. Those fiery red sunsets are a beautiful byproduct of our proximity to the top of the world and the Earth’s more pronounced curvature. The sun’s angle provides such intensity of light; it’s especially great given how short our days are becoming. Cheers.

    1. Thank you very much. Actually, these are sunset pictures, but the sunrises are often as fiery-looking because we are so close to the top of the Earth. The angle at this time of year produces these beautiful colours. Yes, Canada is spectacular. There’s lots to see as it’s so big. Cheers.

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