Hay River, NWT

The Hay River, like many others around the country, was abnormally low by the end of the summer because of our summer drought.

It’s normal for the water level to drop over the course of the summer, but the weather has been unusually dry, leading to a significant reduction in the water levels. Despite that, the waterfall is still impressive.

Happy Friday; happy weekend.

17 thoughts on “Hay River, NWT”

  1. Let us hope water levels get back to normal in 2023. Hay River looks beautiful Lynette. I have never been further north than Keg River by car. But enjoyed my visits to Yellowknife when I was working. Happy Friday. Allan

    1. I agree, Allan. The Hay River (and the town, as well) is three hours north of High Level. The Territorial park along the river is a very popular for camping and hiking, especially after mid-August or so after the mossies have disappeared.

    1. It’s really beautiful and the water force is indeed very powerful. I have to try to get some photos this spring but I am quite a distance from it, so it’s a bit chancy as to whether I’ll be successful. Cheers.

    1. Hi Lori, it’s not too far; 20 minutes by aircraft. In this area it’s hilly rather than mountainous. The rivers have carved these deep canyons, too. It’s a beautifully rugged area and in September the bugs are gone! Great for the hiking and scenery but you have to be alert to bears as they are eating lots in preparation for their hibernation. Usually they run away but no one should take chances. Cheers.

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