18 thoughts on “Melting”

  1. Your closing line made me think of my winter post At Least It’s Sunny. Funny how we justify our winter weather. Happy Monday Lynette. Allan

    1. The recent weather here has been odd. It’s totally normal for winter to have started (it’s the subarctic, after all) but usually it gradually gets cold and then stays that way until the end of March. The up and down has been really unusual. Cheers.

      1. We’re finding the weather unusual here too. We had such a long drought this summer and then the fall didn’t bring much rain either. Now it’s wintery but still relatively dry. We’ve had some rain, but nothing like what we usually get this time of year. Strange changes.

        1. Such weather issues. At this time last year BC was drowning in floods and mudslides. Tomorrow we have a high of -2C! It should be more like -12 and heading a bit lower every day. I hope you get some rain soon.

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