Arriving in the Okanagan Valley …

… from the Coquihalla Connector through the Okanagan Mountain range in August.

About 40 km (25 mi) above the valley with Lake Okanagan in the distance.
On our final decent into the valley.
Nearly there on a beautiful late August day.

After our huge snowfall from last weekend and the cold weather that followed, I needed to see some reminders of sunny days and bright skies.

16 thoughts on “Arriving in the Okanagan Valley …”

  1. Shots like there will keep us sustained until spring returns…in about 5 months. Above 0 here yesterday and for the next few as well. Hope all is well with you Lynette. Allan

  2. Nice that you took the time for a few photos up there. I prefer the route via Manning Park as it seems to me that the drivers on the coq are too fast and reckless. That’s me.

    1. I agree; there are some big-time speeders up there. I remember when the limit was 120, but now that it’s reduced, no one seems to notice anyway. We take this route because we’re coming from the east (highway 16 through Kamloops), so it’s a lot more convenient. The views coming down into the valley are spectacular, though.

      1. I think if you are coming from Kamloops it would be south to Merritt and then from the west to Kelowna. The views are very nice but I find it unnerving the long slopes and in the winter I find myself worrying about traction since going straight down for so long. Nice pics – the blue panoramic skies are really spectacular.

        1. Yes, you’re right, but we’re also coming from the east as well (NWT south and east through Alberta and then Jasper, Barrière, Kamloops). We won’t do that highway at night during the winter (or during the day if there’s a storm) or if we’re getting too tired. We’ve often stayed in Kamloops. Get-there-itis can cause trouble. I agree that there are some long slopes. Thank you; the views are fantastic and weather so beautiful that day.

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