23 thoughts on “Northern Lights”

        1. I’ve been lucky enough to see them in northern Massachusetts and where I live in central Vermont. There was one unforgettable occasion when I had a display all the way from Greenfield, MA to Ascutney, VT – and then sat on my deck until I got too tired to watch any longer!

          1. Wow! That’s fantastic. I was lucky enough to see the lunar eclipse earlier this week. We were confused about what we were looking for and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t a full moon (at 5:45 am). Now I get it!

          2. Watching the night skies for interesting events (such as an eclipse) is so tranquil and calming, I find. Sometimes it’s not possible because of work, though. I have to have my zzzs. 🙂

        2. They tend to be a bit washed out when they reach further south, although the US has been known to get fairly bright ones from time to time, mostly in the summer or autumn when the sky is clear. I hope you’re able to get a good view some time.

    1. Not at all. The Aurora is at an altitude of about 90-150 km (56-93 mi), much higher than any aircraft flies. That said, flying through the Aurora would be dangerous if it were possible. It does cause issues with satellites occasionally. Cheers.

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