Under the Snow Drop

Although it’s normal for this subarctic area to receive large snowfalls during November, the most recent one was particularly generous! 55 cm (about 22 inches) fell during a three-day period, filling driveways and road verges and obliterating vision to create a temporarily monochromatic world. Here are some snow covered views.

A handrail.
A garbage bin outside my office.
There’s a truck under that 17-hour snow collection.

The snow finally stopped this afternoon and the sun made an appearance, but I understand that we will get more on Friday.

Happy Tuesday.

24 thoughts on “Under the Snow Drop”

    1. Yes, it has dropped for us, as well. The low tonight is supposed to be -20C. It’s going to go up quite a lot later in the week but it will start snowing again, too! You stay warm also.

      1. Oh man, I’ve been searching for a heavy coat that goes to the mid-calf and can’t find one. The best I could find was to my knees. I’m super short, so anything long I found went to my ankles, and I looked liked the Stay Puff Marshmallow baby. I’m glad that you found what you need. That is a MUST up there in the great white north.

        1. Actually, my parka was made for me in the traditional Dene way by a local seamstress. She is amazing. She didn’t measure me at all, just looked me over for about 5 seconds and then made a parka that fits absolutely perfectly! I wanted one that would hit mid-thigh so that I don’t have to wear snow pants (I wear lined pants – comfortable and warm). Yes, a good parka is a necessity for sure. I didn’t know what the Marshmallow baby is, so I looked him up – I’m sure you don’t look like that!

          1. That is so cool that you had a parka custom made. It was smart of you, too, considering where you work. BTW, it’s really the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, but I rephrased it because I’m so short. LOL My husband took a picture of me when I tried on those long coats. Umm, yeah, marshmallow. 😛

          2. Yes, it’s such a beautiful coat. Once I move home permanently, I’m not sure what I will do with it as it will be much too heavy for the weather in the Okanagan. It also has fur on the hood (very traditional and acceptable among the Dene but not further south), so perhaps I’ll give it to someone here before I leave.
            It’s interesting that when I visualise you from your photo, you’re tall. So for me, you have a tall presence. 🙂

          3. Thanks, Lynette. Tall presence like a chihuahua. Hehe. That would be nice of you to give the coat to someone up there.

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