Snow, Anyone?

The lake effect snow is coming down in full abundance. It hasn’t stopped snowing – a very heavy, wet snow – for 48 hours now.

Our front steps were becoming buried. On Sunday afternoon my M did an interim digging so that we could get the door open. Another digging will be required tomorrow!
Snow piled on a railing.
The visibility at 3:00 p.m. was very poor, so I was happy not to be on a highway.

Happy Monday.

24 thoughts on “Snow, Anyone?”

    1. This type of snowfall is common here in early November, but not usually this much! We have had 52 cm of snow in the last three days. I think much of the world’s weather is becoming extreme which might explain your winter-less winters. If I could ship you some, I would!

  1. That all looks way to familiar. Still snowing here after 6 days. Lighter snow now and not wet, but it is cold. Hope we get a break soon. Happy Monday Lynette. Allan

    1. We’ve already had 52 cm and it’s not slowing down at all. This morning, the snow in my driveway was at my knees, and there was no drifting. At least it’s not very cold here (around -5C or so), but I could do with a break from it as well!

    1. Lake effect snow is November is very common for this area (November is the heaviest snowfall month of the year and we’re on the shores of the 10th largest lake in the world), but this much over a four-day period is unusual. This morning I was wading through snow in my driveway that was up to my knees (without drifting), and it’s been continuously snowing since then!

    1. It’s usual for this area to experience heavy November snowfalls, but this much all at once is unusual! So far we have have had 52 cm (20 inches), and it’s still coming down!

    1. I wish we could ship some! It’s actually not that cold (about -5C [23F] or so) as this is caused by the early winter lake effect. We are on the shores of the word’s 10th largest lake; cold air passing over that summer-heated warmer body of water causes a lot of snow! It really slows down once the lake freezes, which will be in about a month.

    1. That blue tone really shows how much snow was falling. The snow here actually has a slightly blue tinge, maybe because the air is so clean. Thanks, Lori. I’ll stay warm from all the slogging through the giant snow heaps! 😉

    1. My home in the Okanagan doesn’t have any snow, but I’m back at work in the subarctic where November snow is a way of life! I am so glad that there’s no driving for me right now. Cheers.

    1. Oh yes, we definitely got dumped on! At that point we had already cleared the steps, twice that morning alone! It’s definitely pretty and actually wasn’t too cold, although that has changed now that the snow has stopped.

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