25 thoughts on “Snowfall Time”

  1. Fresh snow does pretty everything up. A nice shot Lynette. Still snowing a bunch here too. Looks like predictions were right for a colder snowier winter. Have a great Sunday. Allan

    1. It’s coming down like a heavy rain (except white, of course!). Huge, heavy snowflakes and 0 wind. The pretty snow build-up has already toppled and is building again. We’re trying to keep up with the shovelling, too. This is a popular spot for year-round on-the-land camping. Cheers, Allan.

    1. Agreed, Anneli! I’ve always thought that the north’s best season is winter. It’s really beautiful, but my, it is cold! Not too bad at the moment (-5C) and snowing madly, but the snapping, cracking cold is coming …

    1. Yes, it’s pretty, but there’s a lot of it! I work in the subarctic, so it’s a lot further north than my home which is 3000 km (1870 miles) to the south! The winter here very typically starts in November with a serious dump of lake effect snow that’s heavy and wet. About a month from now the serious cold will start …

    1. It’s very pretty, but that was just a taste! It has been coming down for more than three days now, and we have lots more! The last I checked, we were at an accumulation of 52 cm.

  2. Everything elaborate beauty of nature i.e waterfalls, mountains, flowing rivers, snowy winter, rainfalls, etc.
    Wow !!!!! Love nature and love your post.

  3. Wow this current month and December there will be snow in Canada, that’s pretty cool Lynette, Christmas will be snowy I bet. As for us Africans here in Swaziland snow never fell but travelling is a must to see how the other countries copy with such strong temperatures such as the snow which must be freezing I bet🙌

    1. Yes, the northern parts of Canada do have snow but many of the southern parts don’t. I work in a part that’s very far north and gets a lot of snow in the winter. People get used to the cold periods and learn to cope with it well. I visited Swaziland (Eswatini, yes?) many years ago. Such a beautiful country. Thank you very much for visiting and commenting.

      1. That’s great to know that the citizens of Canada are used to such weather like the snow. I am glad you visited our country🇸🇿 it is a beautiful Kingdom do visit again and see the amazing scenery plus the weather we have though it is not snowy😊🙏🙏

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