18 thoughts on “Late October Okanagan”

    1. I was born and grew up mostly near the ocean and have often missed it, so living in Penticton between two lakes is a close second. I agree about the lakes frozen enough to drive on! Working in the subarctic has been a great experience and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to miss it, but I’m longing for the south now.

      1. At least you’ve experienced both and can make an informed decision about what you like better. It was easy for me. I don’t like to be cold, and there is so much life in and near the ocean (and in the “close second” lakes).

        1. I’m done with the cold as well and am really looking forward to a more permanent life in the Okanagan. I agree that living near the ocean is so wonderful. When I go to the coast it always feels a bit like I’m coming home.

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