Entering the Snowy North

Once we left High Level, Alberta, and headed due north, we encountered temperatures at 0° accompanied by a freezing rain/snow mix. It made driving interesting, to say the least.

A snowy and frozen road surface.
At times the visibility was quite poor, but the trees were accumulating a lovely white coating.
A sun-ray sneaks through the overcast.

Happy Wednesday from the snowy Northwest Territories.

22 thoughts on “Entering the Snowy North”

  1. Our roads look like yours this morning Lynette. We are about to go out and try a little car curling ourselves. Happy Wednesday. Allan

  2. Pretty, but oh, ack. Too soon. A few years ago, we had snow on Halloween. This year it was 70f! 20c. It’s close to 70f all this week! Very unusual, but I’m enjoying it. Stay warm. It won’t be long for you now.

    1. Yes, it definitely did and has become worse! Today it’s -17C and really blowing. Yes, the last leg of the drive was challenging with the freezing rain/snow and we were glad to have it over.

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