Cloudy Rockies

We encountered a lot of cloud on our recent Rocky Mountain transit.

Low lying clouds. Actually, our higher altitude has brought us closer to them!
Nearly there.
From the road the clouds appear to be mist, but these are probably snow clouds at the mountain peaks.

Happy Sunday.

16 thoughts on “Cloudy Rockies”

  1. Almost ski season. I hear Marmot Basin had 37 cm base and still snowing on Friday. I miss those days. Glad your trip has gone well Lynette. Allan

        1. Oh no! We usually complete it with one overnight stop but this time we did two as the weather further north got a bit dicey (0° with a snow/rain mix falling) and we didn’t want to drive it at night.

    1. The lowest we saw the clouds was about what you see in the photos. The drive was excellent all the way through the mountains; we didn’t have any issues there at all. We did have dicey conditions in northern Alberta as we got closer to 60° N latitude. I love the mountains in any season – always so beautiful.

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