14 thoughts on “Autumn Night Tree”

  1. Autumn is so beautiful. We are now back in Alberta and Fall has Fallen here. My lawn is a tapestry of coloured leaves which I must deal with today. Overall, the roads were in great shape, except for the Coquihalla summit. Safe travels on your journey North, Lynette. Allan

    1. Thanks for the report, Allan. Much appreciated. We’re keeping an eye on the route. We drive a truck with all the necessaries (tow rope, survival kit, jumper cables) but I want them to stay in their nice packages. Have fun (and excellent exercise!) with your leaves!

    1. I do get what you mean. 🙂 I spotted this tree from a distance and that reddy-orange colour looked so smashing. It’s really pretty in the daylight as well, but the colour contrast with the darkness really accentuates it.

    1. I am now in the subarctic (my home in British Columbia is very temperate) where I work, which is above 60° N latitude, so we are opposites! I love the autumn colours and temperatures; it’s such a beautiful time of year.

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