24 thoughts on “Winged Euonymus …”

    1. It’s definitely the right name as it is such a bright, fiery red! With working north of 60 I haven’t had much opportunity to enjoy autumn colours over the last few years, so this has been a great experience.

  1. Love the burning bush colours. Lots of reds, oranges and yellows in Vancouver right now, prolonging our fall. Happy Sunday Lynette. Allan

    1. It has been wonderful for me because I’m usually working north of 60 at this time of year. I’m heading back for my last northern winter at the end of the week though, so I have to enjoy the colours now!

  2. I always say that orange trees and red bushes with the sun on the look like a burning bush. I didn’t know that’s what the bush was called! Thanks for the lesson. 🙂
    P.S. I won’t even begin to try and pronounce the literal name.

  3. The euonymus is a fabulous bush! Not just that fall blaze of colour, but the wonderful corky bark texture and graceful shape, so it’s as beautiful all winter as it is in summer.

      1. Year by year, the corky texture of the bark becomes more prominent — summertime, it’s an OK shrub, fall it’s a blaze of colour, but I love it best bare in winter, when its lines & textures turn it into a sculpture

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