18 thoughts on “October Flowers”

    1. Yes, that’s what I think, too. It started raining here today, (it’s very light which is a good thing considering how dry it has been) and it has started snowing on the Coquihalla. I am headed back north at the end of next week so I am going to enjoy the rain while I can!

  1. For sure. It’s nice to add some bright colour to the day, especially when it’s cloudy and rainy. After a week of rain, we’re enjoying one last burst of warm weather for the year. It’s supposed to go up to a high of 20C today!!

    1. How great – I hope you’re able to get out to enjoy that! Much needed rain has arrived here and temps have dropped to daily highs of around 12-15. We’ve been getting slow rain, too, excellent for our dry conditions (very little rain for four months). By week’s end I will be back in the north where flurries have already started, but it’s my last working winter there though!

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