14 thoughts on “Autumn Lovelies”

    1. In October, this colour palette is seen as quite autumn-like although it is certainly very visible round and about all summer! I hope you are having good autumn weather and are getting in lots of walking. Cheers.

      1. Thanks, Lynette. We’re getting some of the rain we need, but still need more if we’re to get back to normal levels in time for next summer. The walking is still good here. Foggy this morning. Hope all is well with you.

        1. There hasn’t been rain here either (not surprising since geographically we’re at the tip of the Sororan Desert) but there has usually been some by now. The rain forests on the west coast are completely dry (some of the salmon rivers are dry also) and there are a couple of fires. I hope we don’t suddenly get a lot of rain that turns into flooding.

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