10 thoughts on “Autumn Hydrangeas”

    1. I’m surprised at how of them are still blooming away, especially if they’re in a corner or other protected spot. Although given how warm the weather has been, it shouldn’t make any difference. I’m still wearing short sleeves and skirts!

  1. I love hydrangeas. These ones are gorgeous. I love how they change colour from white to pink in the fall. I’m in the process of ripping out some patchy shrubs by the side of my fence and are hoping to plant hydrangeas like this in the spring.

    1. Hydrangeas are so gorgeous and the colours so varied. I remember that this bush had lime green flowers back in July which then turned white and pink. It may be the pink splendour variety but I’m not sure. As I recall they are fairly easy to grow and they are so lovely all summer and well into autumn. You should post a picture of your yard at some point so that we can see the hydrangeas. Cheers.

      1. I should. We have done quite a bit of work to our backyard this year, largely to make space to put in a vegetable garden. We also planted some hydrangeas outside the front of our house, but of course we need some in the backyard as well!

    1. They are so pretty and do so well throughout the season. Frost doesn’t arrive in the Okanagan Valley until quite late, so it’s fantastic to see all the lingering flowers. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Cheers.

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