Am I Yellow or Am I Red?

During a walk today I stopped to admire the gum trees along Okanagan Lake. They are suddenly turning, but they are turning both red and yellow.

There is a bit of green still, but some leaves are turning yellow while many of the others on the same tree are turning red.
Beautiful gold and red.

I love how interesting and lovely these trees are in their variegated autumn dress, but they won’t last long and have to be appreciated now.

Happy Friday.

8 thoughts on “Am I Yellow or Am I Red?”

  1. Magnificent. The apparent colour is not always the real colour. I have often taken photos on colour palette setting and found what appears to be red or orange actually shows up on the yellow setting. Enjoy the fleeting beauty Lynette. Allan

    1. Thanks, Allan. I slightly enhanced the colour of the second photo because it didn’t look as bright in the photo as it did in reality, and I think the result is pretty close. I am in Penticton for another 2 weeks and then heading north again, so I plan to enjoy as many bright views as I can. Cheers.

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