Do You See Me?

While walking last week, I passed some underbrush that was full of little quail. But because they are so quick and blend in so well, it’s hard to get photos of them.

Here I am!

I was only able to get this shot, although I stood watching their busy busyness for about 15 minutes. They’re very adorable, if somewhat elusive!

Happy mid-week.

16 thoughts on “Do You See Me?”

  1. Quail remind me of the Spruce Grouse (fool hen). They blend in real well, but once they spot you, they start making noises and this only serves to attract people and predators. Happy Wednesday Lynette. Allan

    1. These little quail are too busy chatting with each other to notice! They are well hidden under the low bushes and also well camouflaged; I could see their movement but not the individuals. And, of course, they are so busy! They rarely stop to pose for a good photo!

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