18 thoughts on “An Autumn Scene”

    1. No, this is Penticton Creek which flows out of the nearby mountains and into Lake Okanagan. In autumn it has a lot of travelling trout and kokanee salmon. The Penticton Channel connects the two lakes and is very popular in the summer as a float route; its flow is the opposite as it goes from Lake Okanagan to Skaha Lake. It’s a man made channel that was built to replace the natural river that flooded badly. The remaining river is now actually a series of oxbows. It’s amazing how many people can fit in the channel to do some floating!

    1. This little brook crossing is part of the park network along Penticton’s Okanagan waterfront. I walk there regularly and like to stop to watch the ducks or fish. It’s a very popular habit as I see many others doing the same thing! Yes, I agree, I find water very relaxing too.

  1. That is very tranquil, Lynette. I take a walk during work to a manmade pond in the neighborhood. There used to be lily pads with frogs, and goldfish, but they’ve dyed the water blue and now there are no more lily pads. I do like to spot the fish, though. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had a very stressful situation at work four months ago that was immediately followed by a health scare, so my hair started falling out (I always thought that was an expression until it started happening!). My health issue has been resolved and I’m cautiously optimistic about the work issue, but I’ve spent the last couple of months doing tranquil, happy things. Amazing how that works! I’m back to the north for work at the end of the month, but it’s only for 8 months as I will be retiring. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the frogs and lily pads, but I think it’s really good that you can take time out of your work day for a walk. So great. Cheers.

      1. Oh I’m so sorry to hear of all your troubles, Lynette. I’m glad your health scare has been resolved. I remember you said you were retiring soon, so 8 more months – that’s doable, right? Take care and yes, I only work 1 long day where I get a break but boy do I need it!

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