A New Coat Tree …

… or is that coated tree? Not sure, but some of the artists at the nearby arts centre enjoy clothing a tree in lots of colourful winter attire.

One view.
And another view. In this one you can see the tassels hanging from a branch on the right.
Here’s last year’s tree.

Greeting’s from Penticton’s fashionable (and warm!) trees.

8 thoughts on “A New Coat Tree …”

    1. I’ve been wondering about whether this is healthy for the tree. If bugs find a nice spot under the covers to dig in and do damage, then the tree could really be harmed. I didn’t think of the impact on the birds, but yes, they’re affected too.

    1. A few days earlier, I saw someone putting the covers on the tree. It was all done in sections, some small, others quite large. As far as I can tell, the pieces are basically tied on; there are no hooks or anything like that embedded in the tree. Cheers.

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