Winery Visit

We recently did a visit to a nearby winery on the Black Sage bench between Oliver and Osoyoos, British Columbia. This particular area is known for red wine production.

A view of the grape fields from the winery’s deck.

The wine grapes are now reaching their most luscious and will soon be harvested in stages, depending on the processing for the various wines they will become.

Merlot grapes.

Some grapes will remain in the fields until the first frost. Among them are grapes that will be allowed to develop a certain type of “rot” and will be harvested to produce various kinds of dessert wines.

Pinot noir grapes.

The Okanagan also produces ice wine. This means that the grapes freeze on the vine at temperatures between -1C to -8 C ( 30F – 18F). The frozen grapes are harvested at night and processed quickly so that they don’t defrost to spoil the concentration of sugar in the juice. Ice wine is a type of dessert wine, but is much more concentrated. It’s commonly served with cheese in order to get that lovely sweet/salty flavour combination.

Lots of grapes!

The Okanagan is starting to come into its own as a wine-producing region and is branching out into lesser known varietals that are being handled well. If, like me, you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a nice dessert wine after dinner, a visit to some of the Okanagan’s many wineries might be if interest to you. If not, the scenery, beaches and walking and hiking trails are great!

To your good health. 🍷

16 thoughts on “Winery Visit”

    1. Do you like wine, Ally? 😉 Some of the vineyards around here are in very pretty locations, more so than Italy or France, even. I hope you’re able to come for a visit sometime. Cheers.

  1. It’s pretty amazing how much work goes into growing grapes for wine, especially this time of the year when you have to really pay attention to the weather forecast. I think I’ll pick out a bottle of red wine to enjoy with dinner tonight! Cheers!

    1. Yes, many dessert wines are the result of “noble rot” (botrytis cinerea). Weird, right? This allows for the concentrations of sugars that are required to make some dessert wines. Ice wine (also a dessert wine) is the result of frozen grapes, so it’s a different process. They are all really good, though! 🍷Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. You’re a wine connoisseur. I know nothing about wine. I have a glass on occasion, but like mine on the sweet side. It’s the sweet-aholic in me. That scenery is gorgeous.

    1. It’s definitely a hobby. I like finding wine that goes well with meals (I like to eat as well, and finding good matches is a lot of fun). You would probably enjoy a dessert wine. Some of them are so delicious, especially with a tart fruit or with cheese. Yes, it’s a beautiful area. Cheers. 🍷

    1. The Okanagan has many vineyards and in my little opinion, some of the most beautiful, as well. Yes, Nova Scotia has a wine industry as well. I’ve read up about the wines produced but haven’t tried them much yet (BC protects its wine industry pretty tightly) as they’re a bit hard to find. Cheers. 🙂

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