October Flowers

There are many flowers still blooming ~

Baby pink wild roses.
Glorious sunflowers.
Magnificent hibiscus.
And last but not least, lovely cultivated roses.

It’s such a delight to continue seeing all this marvellous colour and scent well into autumn. There will be lots of good memories to dream on while everything sleeps.

Greetings from the October flowers of the Okanagan Valley.

30 thoughts on “October Flowers”

  1. So nice to have bright flowers and colourful leaves at the same time. Our leaves are dropping fast here, so yours must be about ready to turn. Thanks for sharing the blooms Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, they’re starting in places, but it’s pretty amazing how many trees are still really green. I hope you get a windy afternoon that zips the leaves away for you! You’re welcome, Allan. Cheers.

    1. Yes, they will start to go after that. Right now our lows are around 11 and 12, in that zone, so we have a while to go before the first frost. Agreed, in the meantime I plan to enjoy them! I haven’t been in the south for the whole month of September (I’ve done occasional weeks) since 2016, so it has been nice to experience a full autumn again. Cheers.

        1. It definitely may mean that (I find out today what the prognosis is). It feels very odd because I was planning on working until July 15 next year, and I’ve now come to such an abrupt stop.

  2. We, too, have many flowers still in bloom here in the UK. Our garden is still quite colourful, and there are many bright blooms in the forest. But the bracken, a real pest, is finally showing signs of dying back, and a few of the trees are showing signs that autumn has arrived. Thanks for the lovely pics, Lynette.

    1. You’re welcome, Stuart. This is such a beautiful time of year. It’s not too hot (26C for us today)but still sunny and warm and many of the flowers are blooming. It sounds like your garden is lovely. Happy autumn. Cheers.

      1. Wow! 26C in October. We’re around 14-15C now here. The garden is full of colour but needs a bit of work. Once I’m over the effects of my recent Covid booster I’ll be out there, weeding and thinning ready for next spring!

        1. Yes, that’s fairly usual. People are still swimming and sunbathing on the beaches. It will drop to 15 – 20C daily highs by the end of the month. I will be heading back north then, just when they’re about to get their first snowfall. Last winter above 60° N latitude, though!
          I react to the Covid shots, too, although M has no effects whatsoever. Feel better soon!

  3. Gorgeous depictions and thank you…I’ve been cudgeling my brain the past few days having spied a hibiscus on my walk and failing to remember what it was called! Enjoy your autumnal blooms.

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 I have unfortunately reached the age where names like to drop out of my brain (they’re going for a rest because I’ve used them too much? 😉). So annoying. Glad to provide the name. More specifically, these are Rose of Sharon hibiscus. Cheers.

    1. There are still lots of them everywhere – so great! We have a while to go before the first frost (usually around the end of October or beginning of November), so time to still enjoy this lovely slowing. Cheers.

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