Autumn Bliss

I love how warm, calm and clear the weather can be during autumn.

A walk along the east side of Okanagan Lake was lovely. People were swimming and enjoying the perfect temperature.

We saw signs of seasonal closures – ice cream and snack stands; people winterising their boats – but there were lots of other examples of people enjoying the weather, too.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having good weather too.

Happy Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Bliss”

    1. It was a beautifully calm day with such a comfortable temperature and no wind. I think I am enjoying this to such an extent because I am usually in the north at this time of year where autumn is normally a quick and fleeting thing!

    1. So absolutely true, Allan! Of course, being in the Okanagan rather than at 60°+ N latitude helps a lot! (Although I understand that NWT is having an unusually warm September as well.) Cheers.

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