20 thoughts on “Maple Turn”

  1. It is so colourful in the river valley here. Not as much red as other places, but the oranges and golds are spectacular. Happy Wednesday Lynette. Allan

  2. Many of our maples here on Vancouver Island have had a mildew on their leaves all summer, and dry curling leaves since early spring. I’m not sure what’s going on with them, and I’m not sure how widespread the problem is.

    1. A mildew! That sounds really bad. I’m not aware of anything like that here and certainly haven’t seen any evidence of sick maple trees, but that of course doesn’t mean that it isn’t on its way. I hope not, though.

      1. I think (I hope) that if you haven’t seen it in the Okanagan yet this year, it will probably not show up. The leaves will fall, cold weather will kill the mildew (I hope), and all will be well again next spring.

  3. Wow. You’ve got some good color there already. Ours hasn’t begun yet, but I did notice the tips of some trees starting to turn. Just makes me want to dive in and become one with those colors. 🍁🍂

    1. I agree, Lori. The autumn colours are so wonderful. The majority of the trees and bushes aren’t showing any signs of changing yet but this one very suddenly turned in the space of about two days. It can happen so fast! We will hit some gorgeous colours in about two weeks. I’ll post more photos then.

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