Evening on the Lake

After a mostly sunny day, the weather became overcast, but it was still about 20C (68F) and very comfortable for an evening walk.

We saw this sailboat heading into the Penticton marina for the night, which seemed a good idea to me as the wind was coming up quite strongly. It seems we are getting some residual effects from the typhoon that just crossed the Pacific and bumped into the coast. That interaction is much farther north in Alaska, but apparently, this is leading to significant weather impacts in the south, wind included.

Happy Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Evening on the Lake”

  1. Weather patterns are changing. We went f or a long bike ride yesterday and darn near froze to death battling the wind back home. Autumn has arrived. Happy Sunday Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, definitely. Our temperatures for the upcoming week are around 20, 21, 22, but nothing in the high 20s or low 30s, so we’re getting those lower temperatures too. Such a nice time of year, but not if the wind is freezing you!

    1. Yes, I saw some video. Historically, typhoons have occasionally crossed the Pacific and ended up hitting the coast of North America, but I agree, the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable and wild.

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