10 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink”

    1. It has cooled off but only to a more comfortable level; yesterday was 22C and we very much enjoyed walking and sitting on our deck in that temperature. And, the smoke has left! The rose garden is not at its peak of course but it still looks rather great. The bushes are blooming away, yes, probably feeling that their time is shortening.

  1. Gorgeous. And I love that roses bloom late into the season. My one rose bush blooms through October!

    1. I love that too; I think it’s because the rose bushes just defy the season and keep on doing what they do best until they can’t anymore. They will bloom quite late here as well. Cheers.

    1. Yes, it’s hard to believe. Our lows are around 11 or 12 right now and we have been having some lovely weather days! 25 – 27 in that range so not too hot and not much wind. Great for walking. But the slide to winter is slowly happening. We have to enjoy while we can.

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