Busy Spider

I saw this rather intricate web on top of a bush.

There were lots of bits of leaves and other detritus caught in it, but I didn’t see anything a spider would want to eat.

It’s possible that’s this is the work of spider mites (they actually eat the plants they live on) but I don’t think so. The bush seems to be healthy and growing and the web strands seem much too large to be the work of tiny mites.

Happy Friday.

26 thoughts on “Busy Spider”

  1. Ahhh spider webs. Lovely to see, but not to walk through. I am doing some deck repairs right now and had part of the deck opened up and the spider webs under the boards were prolific. Best not tell Patty. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

  2. I’ve seen those types of webs around on occasion, too. It doesn’t seem like the usual spider web, but don’t know what else could do that. Reminds me of cobwebs, but dust like that does not accumulate outdoors. Very strange and creepy. 🕸
    Hope you have nice weather for your weekend, Lynette. September and October are my favorite months of the year.

    1. Agreed, Lori. They do look like cobwebs but this must be the work of a spider. If I had been brave I would have tried jiggling it a bit (to simulate an insect being caught) but I really don’t like touching them. I can admire the intricacy from afar!
      We had a beautiful day today as the wildfire smoke cleared off and it was about 22C (72F). Very comfortable to sit outside. September and October are so gorgeous. I hope you have good weather too. 🙂

  3. So Lynette, I think you should take a lawn chair and sit out there until you see some action and find out who the designer of this wonderful web is. If he’s too ugly, don’t post a closeup please. I don’t like spiders at all, but you’ve got me curious now.

    1. Hahaha. 🙂 As I explained in the comment above, if I had been brave I would have tried jiggling the web a bit (to simulate an insect being caught) to see who (or what) might come out, but I’m not going to touch them if I can avoid it. I definitely won’t be posting any arachnid photos! Cheers.

      1. Thank you for that! I’ve had enough of that as I try to pick the hazelnuts and walk into spiderwebs in the low-hanging branches. I took a spider off my neck yesterday. Felt creepy all day.

        1. Yuck! I hate walking through webs like that or getting a spider on me. Spiders eat mosquitoes and that’s great, but I don’t want to be in any contact with them! And yet, I love a good silk shirt. 😉

          1. But the silk isn’t made by spiders. It’s made by the bombyx mori moth. The caterpillar (or whatever a moth larva is called) spins the silk for its cocoon and when it is unraveled in a silk farm the “cloth” is made.

          2. Thank you very much for the explanation, but I actually knew about the silk moths. I was trying to make a joke; not a very good one as it turns out. 😳 I’ll stick to photos. 🙂

  4. I think I find it fascinating studying them, especially to see how they spin their webs, but Lord, I don’t ever wanna walk through one or have to poke my hands in any

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I admire them and their intricacy, but no touching! Yesterday I watched a spider doing some repairs. After it was finished, I couldn’t see that there had been a repair. It’s amazing how this ability is so built-in. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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