Kokanee Power

The kokanee salmon have begun their arduous journey upstream to spawn and continue their life cycle.

Can you spot the little kokanee on the left? This creek is running quite low but it has a strong current. We watched this fish rest behind the ladder before swimming swiftly and energetically upstream.
Uncredited photo – kokanee salmon.

Kokanee are thought to be landlocked, freshwater sockeye salmon that separated from that species about 15000 years ago. It migrates upstream from lakes instead of from the ocean.

It’s a small species that grows to be approximately 2 kilos (about 5 lbs) at most, but is clearly a survivor.

Happy Wednesday.

16 thoughts on “Kokanee Power”

    1. Yes, I agree! While we watched this little fish, we also noted the importance of having ladders in some of these streams. This one took a long rest behind one – we thought she might be done – but then really took off upstream. Without the ladders or places to rest they just won’t make it.

    1. It definitely is, as I wouldn’t want to try to eat 2 kilos of fish. That’s quite a lot! Most kokanee don’t grow to that size, but I think I see them as relatively small because most salmon grow to be much larger – 5-10 kilos (about 10 – 22 lbs).

  1. The biggest fish I’ve ever caught, I only fish in streams, was nowhere near two kilos. Everything’s bigger in Canada. It’s kind of like Texas, only without all those Texans.

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