Smoky Moon

Right now we have a lot of smoke from a huge cross-border fire in Washington and British Columbia. The sky is literally overcast because of it.

Eerie red smoke moon.

The poor air quality is causing a very red harvest moon.

You can see the smoke even though it was quite late at night.

There seem to be intense wildfires everywhere. Here’s hoping for lots of steady rain, and soon.

Happy Tuesday.

14 thoughts on “Smoky Moon”

  1. When will the rain start. Here we have still not had a frost and no signs of one in the next 2 weeks. Such an unusual year Lynette. Rain is what is needed right now. Have a good Tuesday. Allan

    1. We actually had a slow steady rain for most of the night, and I thought the air would be much better this morning, but it was not the case. It was even worse and we could see smoke clouds drifting in. We’re getting more rain later today; I hope it’s strong.
      No frost yet? Wow, although I shouldn’t be surprised. The southern portions of NWT haven’t had any, either. Yes, extremely unusual, and frankly, quite worrisome.

  2. We have the smoke now too, since a couple of days ago. Ours was at 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, while Vancouver has had 10+. It’s hard to sleep with that smoke. I don’t know whether to open or close the windows. Seems to be a bit better this morning. But I see Penticton is at 5.

    1. We had our windows open last night as it was raining and we thought the air would be much better, but instead we got more smoke. We’re keeping them closed for now. It rained again this afternoon but not strongly enough to really improve the air quality. It could be that there’s just too much smoke. I’ve seen pictures of Vancouver; it’s really bad!

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