Smoky Sunset

A smoke imbued sunset above Lake Okanagan from fires to the south of us in Idaho and Washington settles over the valley. If you look at the back of the photo in the centre, you can see yet another smoke plume. I hope that one was extinguished quickly.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a smoke-free Friday.

16 thoughts on “Smoky Sunset”

  1. That little smoke plume is how the Jasper fire looked when we arrived there a week ago yesterday. Still a bit of a disaster with no power in the town. Hope they get it resolved soon and the fire season ends everywhere. Happy Friday, Lynette. Allan

    1. Yes, I heard that their power is still out. I hope the fire isn’t threatening the town, though. These little smoke plumes often lead to much bigger problems. The one in the photo was successfully extinguished.

    1. The prevailing wind has shifted, so today we didn’t have any smoke at all. Apparently Washington and Idaho have a couple of major fires and the smoke was coming north. I think it’s been really dry in those states, too. Great that you aren’t experiencing any smoke. I’m hoping for a quick end to all these fires. Cheers.

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