The Queen Is Dead

The world’s longest living monarch (and queen of Canada) passed away earlier today at the age of 96.

The Queen always wore a her famous maple leaf pin and dressed in the national colours when visiting Canada.

Although I am not a monarchist (and frankly would like to see us give it up), I have long admired the Queen’s prodigious work ethic and commitment to duty. She passed away today. Two days ago, she was still working.

She did a job that was unexpectedly thrust upon her, no doubt upending all the plans she had for a much more conventional life. I hope she rests well.


22 thoughts on “The Queen Is Dead”

  1. She was a good role model for decent behaviour. Many on this earth could do worse than learn from her. Whether you are a monarchist or not, Queen Elizabeth was very special and deservedly much loved.

    1. I agree, Anneli, and she definitely deserved to be much loved. Even though she was 96 and having health issues, I was surprised to hear she had passed. She was Queen when I was born.

      1. I was starting grade one in 1953. Prince Charles (now King Charles) is a year younger than me (but I like to think that he looks ten years older than me). 😉

        1. It’s strange to think that we now have King Charles. Hahaha. 🙂 He looks older because of all the secrets he was trying to hide. I remember a documentary about him from years ago where he admitted to the breakdown of his marriage to Diana. I’ll never forget the sort of awkward yet condescending smirk he had on his face. Yuck. I know that he’s a huge environmental champion and has done a lot for youth employment in the U.K, but that smirk has stuck with me. (And maybe I’m being unfair.) Cheers.

  2. It is too bad more world leaders could not take a page from Elizabeth’s book and give dedicated service to the people they serve. She had grace, dignity and composure in the face of all odds. God Save the Queen. Happy Friday Lynette. Allan

    1. I agree completely, Allan. Our politicians could (and should, as a matter of course) behave that way, but of course most of them really fail us in that dept. She was an incredibly strong woman and will be very much missed.

  3. I liked your comments. I admire her dedication and commitment for decades. The Queen had no official power but she used her position for many good causes and to inspire and influence goodwill. Many leaders can’t survive in the spotlight for a handful of years but she did so for a lifetime.

    1. Thank you very much. I agree that her example of selfless commitment is something our politicians should be emulating. Her focus was on bringing people together, not division. We’re going to miss her example.

      1. Your mom was a mechanic, too…or had other duties in the same unit?

        IDK what came over me with that spelling. I am usually quite good with grammar. THANK YOU for the butchered word rescue. ❤☺

        1. My mom was in the same unit but was assigned as a radar operator (radar was very rudimentary at the time) working on locating enemy bombers and fighters. At that time women were often grouped in units with rather varying duties.
          Don’t worry about the spelling. Autocorrect drives me crazy. 😉

  4. I love that she indeed worked to the very end, saw in one last PM, and then died in her bed in her beloved Balmoral. (And like you I don’t see the point of monarchy in Canada, except it saves us from having to invent something else. And since it never interferes, we pay no price for the useful context it provides…)

    1. She can never be faulted for her work ethic and commitment to duty, right to the end. She took her duties very seriously and did her best to carry them out, all the while staying neutral and a perfect example of integrity. She was a total class act. I agree; I don’t like having a monarchy, but trying to change it would be nasty (and yes, we don’t pay much except for their visits). I also think we have much more important things to attend to; health care springs to mind – t’s got all the vigour of a deathbed patient.

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