Morning Sights

Right now we have a forest fire nearby and to escape some of the smoke (and the heat of the day), it’s important to get out for a walk as early as possible.

I live in an eclectic neighbourhood of Penticton that’s a mix of single-dwellings, duplexes, higher density apartments and stratas, cafés, restaurants, galleries, parks, breweries, trails and shops. And, not to be forgotten, one of the beaches (a small one that’s chiefly used by locals) is five minutes away. I love walking here and I always see different sights that I pause to enjoy.

A lovely community garden. Several people were busy working their verdant plots.
Looking for a book? You may find something interesting at Little Free Library.
A beautiful old pine tree with supports to prevent some of its branches from leaning too far.
A rather smoky view over Lake Okanagan. There is a major fire that’s only 15 km away.
Rose of Sharon hibiscus.

Despite the smoke, it was a lovely walk, but I was glad I went early as the smoke intensified later in the day.

31 thoughts on “Morning Sights”

    1. Yes, thankfully. We’re going to need it sooner rather than later, I think. Environment Canada keeps predicting rain and then revises its forecast to more wind and hot temperatures.

      1. Sounds like us here in Comox. We were supposed to get some rain two days ago. All we got was about ten drops. Most of the rain that blew around fiercely in black clouds above us ended up falling in the rain shadow across the bay from us. Remind me in the winter when I’m whining about too much rain, that I was wishing for rain all summer.

  1. I hope that fire dies rapidly, Lynette. We’ve already lost too many trees to fire and too many lives. Stay safe!
    And thanks for taking us on your lovely morning walk. I enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you very much, Stuart. I’m happy you liked it.

      Me too. A report from BC Wildfire Service this morning says that the fire “is contained.” It was apparently caused by humans. Sigh. It continues to be very hot and dry, so people should know not to play with fire, but they do anyway!

    1. Yes, they do. It’s a fairly common thing here in BC and I have dropped off books in them myself. The idea has extended to service organisations (sometimes unaffiliated people as well) that fill sidewalk refrigerators with free fruit and veggies for those who are struggling.

  2. Going for a walk is such a great way to start the day. Good call on going early to avoid the smoke. Hopefully you’ll get some much needed rain soon and that the forest fire will be short-lived.

    1. I agree. I always have a better day when I start with a walk, even just a short one. Environment Canada keeps calling for it but then rescinds. Today it’s overcast, but still no rain.

  3. Too bad about the fire Lynette. All looks great otherwise. Our Jasper stay had some challenges from that fire, but we took them all in stride and had a great time. So sad for the local residents, though. Stay well. Allan

    1. It was under control today but the wind came up in huge gusts this afternoon, so I hope that wasn’t a setback. Good to hear that you were able to enjoy your stay. I agree, very sad for the residents. You stay well too. Cheers.

  4. Even though forest fire is a natural phenomenon but in recent times it occures due to climate change which is a result of human interference…i hope forest fire in your beautiful neighborhood die down so that you can enjoy the surrounding.

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