8 thoughts on “Mountain Lake”

    1. I took that photo in Jasper earlier this week when we stopped to rest. I love to travel and have done it a lot, but I’m still not ready for international yet given all the issues with cancellations and airport crowding (especially here although I understand it’s pretty dire in lots of countries). We will be waiting a bit still. Cheers.

  1. That is a pretty scene Lynette. We had a great walk and bike ride in Jasper yesterday. There is a forest fire burning near by that could make things a bot smoky for the rest of our stay though. Happy Saturday. Allan

    1. Thanks, Allan. I took this in Jasper on Monday when we stopped for a rest and a little walk. So sorry to hear about the fire. We have another one now as well, started yesterday because of “human interaction” according to the fire website. Yesterday was also really windy and M and I could see the huge smoke plumes over the hills above the valley. This morning the valley is quite smoky. I hope they bring the Jasper fire under control soon. Cheers.

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