The Landing

I took this very short video of small twin engine passenger plane on final approach into Penticton Airport over Lake Okanagan.

As it came closer, I took another photo as J wanted to capture the reflection of the landing lights on the water. The colours in the photo are more blue than I thought they would be.

It’s not a great photo but I like the reflection on the lake.

Happy Friday and happy landings.

7 thoughts on “The Landing”

  1. In Jasper with poor wi fi right now, so will watch the vid later. Night photos are so hard when there is a bright light source. You are right, the reflection was worth it though. Allan

    1. No problem, Allan; it’s only abut 2 seconds long. Yes, they are very difficult. This one also has some sort of splotch as well, so overall not a good one! Enjoy your Jasper visit. 🙂

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