Puffins! Puffins! Puffins!

We are so excited to see so many Puffins on the rocks in Elliston, Newfoundland. The Puffins spend most of its life at sea, covering a wide swath of …

Puffins! Puffins! Puffins!

This interesting and lovely post from 100 Country Trek has wonderful puffin pictures. They are totally adorable, so please take a look at the rest of the post to see them. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Puffins! Puffins! Puffins!”

  1. Who doesn’t love puffins? I’m particularly addicted to the way they rev up as they try to launch their aerodynamically-challenged little selves.

  2. Oh, they are the most improbable of creatures! I remember watching them from a blind, while on a visit to Grand Manan in NB, and feeling so lucky to see them. They are not a figment of some stoned imagination, they are really-truly there…

    1. Oh Penny, what a wonderful way you have with description. They are exactly that: improbable but real, and not figments at all. I saw them many years ago in Newfoundland (too many years to think about) and felt that way about them as well.

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