Coming into the Okanagan

We have just returned from Northwest Territories to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The drive from the high-altitude Coquihalla Highway (also known as Highway 97C) into the valley is impressive and steep.

Lake Okanagan in the distance.

The summit of the Coquihalla Connector highway is 1800m (5900 ft) and you then drive down to the valley which is at an elevation of 344 m (1100 ft).

Getting closer.

This is a significant drop of 1456 m (4800 ft). Some people aren’t comfortable with driving this highway for that reason, especially in winter. It is a long way down, and you do want to make sure your brakes are working!

Almost there.

The sign in the distance shows that we are about to come down from our lofty perch to join the highway along the lake.

Greetings from the beautiful Okanagan.

12 thoughts on “Coming into the Okanagan”

    1. Thanks so much, Allan. The “Coq” is a fabulous time saver, and we have never experienced any issues with driving it, but we also take precautions and will stay in Kamloops if it looks iffy.

    1. We have never had an issue with driving the Coquihalla, but we are also respectful of where it is and we won’t travel it after dark in the winter or if it seems like the weather might go down. It’s such a great shortcut, though!

    1. We have done it in the winter during daylight hours and clear weather. If we’re at all doubtful, we wait. This is, of course, the “Highway to Hell” of tv fame. You need to exercise some caution with it but I think the tv show maybe does some exaggeration, too.

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