14 thoughts on “Daylilies”

  1. I love daylilies and had big dreams of growing them here when we built this house. The deer had other ideas– and won. Now I only enjoy daylilies from afar.

    1. These were in a public garden maintained by the city, and there are lots of deer around, but I’ve since come to learn that the city sprays with a garlic/pepper solution that the deer don’t like. Yes, the deer can relentless. Daylilies must taste really good!

    1. I took that photo back in July, so not very different, for the daylilies, anyway. I am heading back to Penticton tomorrow where it’s still quite hot, but it has been hot here, too. 30C in NWT in late August is crazy, so growing seasons may be affected in many areas!

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