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    1. I left Penticton a week ago (this photo was taken before then) and there was some smoke but not much because the wind was blowing from the north. It’s more noticeable in the evenings after the wind dies. My understanding is the fire is somewhat under control now. I’m heading back to Penticton again next week, so I’ll see then.

  1. I hope the extreme temperatures have calmed down by then and you’ll have a nice stay in Penticton until you go back to work. Would be good if the fire burnt itself out soon.

  2. Definitely fits the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer theme Lynette. We had a nice little shower this morning as we had our coffee on the deck. Now it is just hot and sticky. Hope all is well. Allan

    1. I have been in NWT for the past week and it has been very hot here, 28- 30°! So unusual at this time of year. Northerners are finding this weather more difficult than the cold; no ac is making everyone grumpy because they aren’t sleeping well.

      I took the Penticton photo before I left but it has been in the low 30s all week, I think.

  3. Well, I can see the “Hazy” on my e-mail, but the link to the site isn’t working. My comment: better heat haze than smoke, right?

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