Heat Storm

After entering the Northwest Territories, we encountered very high temperatures (certainly for this area in mid-August) and then a huge rain storm with pancake-size raindrops, sustained fork lightning and high winds. It was quite a display.

Entering the storm.

I tried to get a picture of a lightening fork, but missed on all my attempts.

Storm dispersal.

My understanding is that the prairies and southern Northwest Territories are going to get a series of hot days followed by these intense storms, some of which may contain hail or may become tornadoes. Fingers crossed, we skip those.

25 thoughts on “Heat Storm”

  1. I think we’re all hoping for “rain without side effects” as Allan rightly calls it. The weather can sure be entertaining, but we don’t want the thrills to be too much.

    1. I totally agree. As I said to Allan, we drove through three of these once we entered Alberta. The one on Saturday night near Hinton was the worst. It was getting dark and the rain, wind and lightning were extreme. We stopped for night. The next day we saw lots of trees down, but there didn’t seem to be anything worse.

    1. So true, Stuart! I tried to video it a bit, but the rain hitting the windshield was much too intense. It entertained us for short time, but as it got a little scary, we drove out of it!

      1. Yes, scary to be out under such power. As a child of 5-6, I lived by the sea. Whenever a thunder storm struck I’d run out of our home and stand on the edge of the cliff to watch the lightning and the curtains of rain over the sea, the waves crashing against the cliff below. Until, that was, my mother came out and brought me back inside. No sense of danger at that age!

  2. Amazing. I’m so used to easy going weather out here in California, I forget there are lots of places that isn’t true. The worst storm I ever drove through was was in the Midwest, driving cross country.

    1. These storms can hit the prairies really hard when there have been very high temperatures, so I’m not surprised that your experience of this was in the mid-west. We encountered three of these intense storms in less than 24 hours after we entered the prairies, which was something we hadn’t experienced before, either!

  3. Almost sounds like those Florida days when I lived there. Hot/humid days brought on daily storms. It was a welcome relief from the hot sun, but afterward, steam rose from the ground like a sauna. Stay safe from those “forks.”

    1. Yes, we saw that yesterday, as well. Loads of pretty mist afterward. It’s definitely a reprieve from the heat, but as in Florida, these storms can potentially be quite damaging and/or dangerous. Thanks, I will be careful around those forks!

  4. Lovely capture of the gloomy sky. Hopefully the storm wasn’t too treacherous to drive through. It’s crazy how some of this severe weather would happen once in a decade. Now it seems to happen a lot more regularly.

    1. Thank you, Linda. We drove through three of these in less than a 24-hour period, right after we entered Alberta! The first one was really bad, so we stopped for the night. The next day, we saw that trees had been blown down (luckily nothing worse). You’re right; this type of weather seems to be happening so much more frequently now.

  5. Great blog here about the storms. I can say you are quite an Observer. I like how you used the metaphor: “Rain storm like a pancake size raindrops”. Very good writing here👏

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