26 thoughts on “Monarch Butterfly”

  1. We see them here but rarely. We have seen many in New Zealand. Hope the Southern population fares better. Happy Saturday Lynette.. Allan

      1. After reading that article, I understand why I haven’t seen a monarch. We don’t have any of the right plants here for them. And if they are around, I haven’t noticed them, ever.

          1. I think I have enough critters, thanks. For that matter, I have more than enough weeds too. I do get the swallowtails and the odd painted lady.

      1. A lot of things seem to be rare. In past years, we always had at least two or three orb weavers, hanging off the house…big, fat spiders. I haven’t seen any in three or four years. We used to get a couple of McKinley spiders. I saw one two years ago and, finally have one this year. And, I used to see them all over town. I never thought I would be happy to see a big spider.

        1. Agreed. Climate change is affecting our environment in very profound ways, and governments (at least ours) are not taking it seriously enough. We need all the spiders and other living things to keep our ecosystem healthy. Thanks for your comment.

    1. I remember how plentiful they used to be – they were a common summer sight. Yes, it’s very sad. A friend took this photo and sent it as she hadn’t seen a monarch in a long time, either.

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