Skaha Lake

Penticton sits between two lakes, Lake Okanagan at the north end and the smaller, shallower Skaha at the south end.

In the Okanagan language, “skaha” means horse, but whatever its name, it’s a gorgeous lake. It warms up quickly in the spring, and retains its temperature until late in the autumn, which allows for continued swimming, boating, paddle boarding, and kite surfing.

In ancient times, the land that Penticton sits on didn’t exist, and Skaha Lake and the larger Okanagan Lake were just a single lake. However, there was a massive, seven kilometre (4.5 miles) wide landslide, and presto! The site of the future Penticton was born and eventually became settled by the Okanagan people.

Penticton is one of only two cities in the world located between two lakes (the other is the Swiss city of Interlaken which is also very beautiful).

Happy Thursday.

13 thoughts on “Skaha Lake”

    1. In order to do that, you would need long legs. 😉 Skaha is less busy and there are lots more families having fun there. Okanagan has more of a party atmosphere although one end of it is very quiet. They’re both really terrific swimming lakes. Cheers.

          1. Four of them picked me up and threw me in and then laughed to kill themselves. I had to laugh too, of course, and one of the parents of the culprits took my “drowned rat” picture. I’ll have to dig it out one of these days.

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