16 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day”

    1. Even with the very wet and coolish spring and early summer, the grass on those hills has turned brown (and as of Friday we have a wild fire nearby). It’s supposed to cool off and rain in the next couple of days, though.

  1. Is there a beach on that lake? Is the water comfortable enough to spend time floating in and still enjoy the outdoors in that heat? It’s just too beautiful there to hide inside. I’m hiding in the a/c this week. Too hot and no pretty scenery (except for the flowers on my patio).

    1. This lake is 135 km (84 mi) long, and between 4 and 5 km (2.5 and 3 miles) wide (I looked that up on the Penticton website). It has lots of beaches scattered around; we are 2 blocks away from a main one. So great to basically just go out the door for a swim. It’s quite a deep lake but it warms up well around the edges. During these hot days the beaches are busy and there’s lots of swimming, paddle boarding, kite surfing and sailing. I take an umbrella and a book I don’t read and then I go for a swim when I get too warm (or sometimes I just stand in the water and look at the view). I just let my mind go blank, so it’s very relaxing. Penticton is a very outdoorsy place. Stay cool. 😎

      1. Sounds like a dream. When I lived in Florida, I lived 50 miles from the Gulf beaches. There were a few on the bay about 20 miles away, but they weren’t nice. It’s great that the water temp is comfortable there by you. In Florida, the Gulf temp was like bath water. Enjoy.

        1. Penticton sits between two lakes. The one at the south end (Skaha Lake) is quite shallow and warms up easily, so it’s beautiful for swimming, even quite late into the autumn. It’s too bad that with living in an ocean state you didn’t have a more memorable experience. Cheers.

          1. After 27 years in that state, I definitely have some memorable experiences. I’m not sure which outweighs the other, the good or the bad ones. But, I did enjoy the beach when I had a chance to get there. Sometimes I’d take a day off and drive the 50 miles by myself in the morning before the crowds showed up. It was peaceful for a while. Once the beach started to get filled, I’d leave.

    1. Thanks so much for asking, Anneli. Penticton is fine. The fire is nearby (the town of Keremeos and also near Apex ski resort) but there’s a lot of terrain in between. The fire fighters are having a difficult time with the mountainous geography because it isn’t allowing the use of tankers.

    1. Yes, it dried up quickly even though there was quite a wet and cool spring and early summer. The Penticton hill sign is maintained by volunteers who spruce it up every now and then. Cheers.

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